BUDDY BOWL (Spill-proof Pet Water Bowl)

The Authentic "Buddy Bowl" is a spill-proof and splash-proof pet water bowl the REALLY works. The perfect size for many dogs and cats. Non-Toxic/BPA FREE. For TRAVEL and HOME. Holds plenty of fresh, clean water, EVEN UPSIDE DOWN! Water always available for your pet's convenience. No waste. No mess. Less evaporation. Helps with child proofing and safety. Deters insect and birds. Dogs like it because water does not go up their nose! (Used by Police K-9s, Hunting, and Show Dogs.) See our website for more complete information. www.BuddyBowl.us


TO ORDER: Click on the color choice name above. Regular Retail Price: For the "Lil Buddy" or (32 ounces of water) is $14.95 each plus shipping. Regular Retail Price: For the (64 ounce) "Buddy Bowl" is $24.95 each plus shipping. We use PayPal for processing but you do not need a PayPal account to use this service. NOTE: Under shipping method, if it does not show your state, click on the USPS priority line to get other selections.

We also have special shipping rates when you order TWO at a time. (Over seas has to use single rate for each.) **Canada & Mexico - You have your own international rates which will save you money on your shipping. PLEASE E-MAIL: sales@greatamericanspillproof.com if you order three or more at a time for complete shipping rate.

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our product.

NOTE: If need to make an inquiry you may e-mail: sales@greatamericanspillproof.com

If you are not satisfied with the "Buddy Bowl" you may return in excellent condition and we will refund the price of the product.

**This is the ONLY legal "Buddy Bowl" being produced. Inventor: Charles L. Pelsor

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